Beatboxer: Dave Crowe

There are hundreds of thousands of beatboxers out there, most of which are on Youtube. I’m a huge fan of them myself, but none stand out more than Dave Crowe.

The man is a walking sound box. The beats, laughs, squeaks, and general noises he makes seems all to good to be real. It’s for this reason that he is featured in the Video of the Week section of my blog in the column to your right.

In the video he is performing in the streets of London in front of a huge crowd with his fellow band member playing cameraman. That’s right. I said band member.

Not only is David Crowe the most outstanding beatboxer I’ve ever had the pleasure of stumbling across on Youtube he is a member of the two man band, Heymoonshaker. His partner, Andy Balcon, is the vocal and guitarist while David serves as the ultimate percussionist. Check out the Heymoonshaker Youtube page or their website  to listen to more of them! They’re album Shakerism is now available on iTunes.


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