Street Artist: Slinkachu

When we hear “street art” we automatically think of Bansky, the British artist known for his ironic street murals. But there are many other street artists out there. Some of them don’t even use stencils, spray paint or chalk.

Slinkachu is a street artist from the UK. He started his “Little People Project” back in 2006. It involves getting miniature model train set figures, remodeling them with clay and acrylic paint, then setting them up in memorable poses in cities around the globe. On his website, Slinkachu writes that with the photographs and titles he takes and gives he “aims to reflect the loneliness and melancholy of living in a big city.” But he does admit to always having some humor involved.

He does have published books two of which are Global Model Village and Little People in the City. All of his books you can order off Amazon or from local book shops. For more info on buying the books, look here

Photo Via Slinkachu's Official Website

Photo Via Slinkachu's Official Website


For more of Slinkachu’s work check out his website.


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